Fort Worth, TX

Why We Chose DFW for WSAA 2021

Dallas–Fort Worth is one of the top regions in the nation for business, thanks to low cost of living, a business-friendly environment, a strong base of well-educated and skilled employees, and robust access to both U.S. and world markets through its transportation network. Year after year, the region’s selling points are lauded by business experts at respected publications, including Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Fortune and Site Selection.

Key metrics tracked by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, which measures economic indicators throughout Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico, show the region to be among the strongest in the country. Dallas–Fort Worth is consistently ranked among the top places to work, the best places to live, and the best places for investment.

Businesses Love Texas

"Dallas offers a better operating cost, lower taxes, and is a central location for what is now a nationwide business...Being closer to our customers and more central to our divisions will create cost and logistical effciency for us."
- Scott McPherson​ | CEO, Core-Mark
"Dallas is just such a great place for travel, for the resources in the community, the talent you can draw on...[prior to relocating we] offered every single person in our company a weekend trip, and we flew them [to Dallas] with their familes...That was probably part of our success."
- Brian Tyler​ | CEO, McKesson

Major Headquarter Relocations

The Dallas-Fort Worth region is regularly identified as one of the nation’s top markets for new and expanded corporate facilities. Dallas-Fort Worth attracts a broad spectrum of companies. Past relocations to the region included headquarters moves for Fortune 500 and Forbes Top Private companies such as Golden Living, Fluor, Comerica, and AT&T. These companies are more recently joined by well-known industry leaders like Toyota, McKesson, NTT Data, and Jacobs. During the same period, companies including Amazon; Bed, Bath & Beyond; BMW; Galderma; and General Motors have expanded into distribution, logistics and manufacturing centers. Meanwhile, corporations including 7-Eleven, American Airlines, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, FedEx and Mr. Cooper (formerly Nationstar Mortgage) have expanded into new office space. 

The 7th Largest Concentration of High-Tech Jobs in the U.S.

2019 High-Tech Employment

NewYork – Newark – Jersey City

Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim

San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward


Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington

Expanding the Silicon Prairie

In 1958, Dallas led the nation into the new era of information and communication technologies with Nobel Laureate Jack Kilby’s invention of the microchip at Texas Instruments. This invention spurred the development of laptop computers, smartphones, and space travel. 

The DFW technology industry encompasses four general categories: manufacturing, information services, professional technical services, and bio-life sciences. The region’s activity in key emerging technologies such as next generation wireless and broadband communications, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, as well as medical, bio, and life sciences, is gaining national recognition.

Dallas-Fort Worth leads all U.S. metropolitan areas as the largest net gainer with 246 people arriving daily, according to a Bloomberg analysis of 2017 Census data on migration for the nation’s 100 largest regions.

Major Processors and Super ISO’s That have Offices in the DFW Metroplex

Central Location for Easy Travel and Access from Most of the U.S.

Due to it’s central location and world-class transportation infrastructure, Dallas-Fort Worth is a major international gateway. DFW excels in passenger air travel and air cargo operations. The region is home to:

  • Dallas -Fort Worth International Airport, the nation’s fourth-busiest airport and home base for American Airlines
  • Dallas Love Field Airport, home to Southwest Airlines, the largest domestic airline in the country
  • Fort Worth Alliance Airport, the world’s first major industrial airport, and home to an Amazon Air Hub
Daily Passengers: 
Total Passengers:
International Passenger:
Total Cargo (metric tons):

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